LASIK and Refractive Eye Surgery

Since 2000, Greg Zeuthen has been a LASIK eye surgery attorney for many people who have suffered tragic and permanent injuries resulting from eye surgery.

LASIK and Refractive Eye Surgery
Individuals are attracted to LASIK and refractive eye surgery to eliminate or diminish their dependence on glasses or contacts. Unfortunately, many of those who opt for LASIK surgery are not properly screened and should not have had the surgery. It is vital to contact a LASIK eye surgery attorney right away if you have had any problems after LASIK or refractive eye surgery.

Equipment failures, surgeon error, and lack of proper procedure or standards can all contribute to temporary or even permanent vision problems. When problems occur after surgery, a claim might exist based on improper or untimely post-operative care by the surgeon.

Ill-Advised Surgery
Many surgeons now advertise their newer technology and equipment. Unfortunately for the consumer, sometimes this advertising rarely mentions the serious potential side-effects of the procedure. Most doctors like to wait until the prospective patient has entered the office before laying out the common problems associated with LASIK surgery. On occasion, the informed consent document is introduced in passing, sometimes shortly before surgery. In such cases, an incomplete or inaccurately informed consent discussion can lead to a hasty decision by the patient to undergo an ill-advised surgery.

It is not enough that a doctor explain general risks to a patient. Frequently, patients agree to accept the risks applicable to the general population. Informed consent requires more. Surgeons should also explain the particularized risks to the individual patient that may impact the patient’s candidacy or likely result.


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