"We were impressed with Greg throughout. He didn't wait for things to happen. He went out and put in the time necessary."
Gary Hoselton

Gary Holeston, Elizabeth Salsbery

Hoselton was driving north on Highway 43, leaving Lake Oswego, with Salsbery riding beside him in his Toyota. The school bus had been proceeding east on Terwilliger Boulevard and nosed into the intersection, partially blocking Highway 43. The SUV was headed south on 43 at a high rate of speed. It swerved to miss the school bus and crashed head-on into the Hoselton car. A van, driving north behind Hoselton, then plowed into the side of Hoselton’s Toyota.

Couple suffers catastrophic injuries.

Hoselton and Salsbery were both hospitalized. Hoselton remained unconscious for nearly a week. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, and a collapsed lung as a result of the crash. After several surgeries and three years of rehabilitation, he can get around physically but suffers from some mild effects of his brain injury.

Salsbery also suffered a head injury. In addition, her pelvis was broken in two places, and she was cut up pretty badly. Her worst injury was a cut to the leg that became infected, aggravated by her diabetic condition. The infection took almost a year to heal. Today, most of her normal body movement has returned, but she tires easily and must limit her physical and mental activity.

A friend suggests the couple talk to attorney Greg Zeuthen.

A friend suggested the couple talk to attorney Greg Zeuthen. Salsbery met him first while Hoselton was still regaining consciousness. “Within a week of meeting Greg, I asked him to represent me,” she says. “He obviously cared. I was in bed and couldn’t move. It was such a relief to have someone else in charge.”

Soon Zeuthen was representing Hoselton, also. Zeuthen quickly began his investigation of the crash. He was surprised to find that he was the first one to look into the particulars of what happened. He was the first to speak with witnesses and take statements on what they saw. The details he uncovered pointed to the driver of the school bus as the chief initiator of his clients’ injuries.

Zeuthen learned that the bus driver had informed his employers in a written statement that he took medication for a psychiatric illness. However, the bus company had not disclosed that fact to the State of Oregon at the time the man was seeking his driving permit. The bus had been carrying high school soccer players to a game, and Zeuthen discovered the scene of the crash was nearly two miles off the recommended route. He managed to locate the soccer team’s coach several months after the accident. She was in Switzerland. By telephone, she provided a statement that the driver seemed “confused and lost.” Another witness stated the school bus had ignored a stop sign and had proceeded directly onto Highway 43.

Insurance company quickly agrees to a settlement of $1.25 million.

All the pieces came together when the case finally went to mediation on December 11, 2003. When the bus company’s insurance provider saw the evidence Zeuthen had collected, it quickly agreed to a settlement for Hoselton and Salsbery of $1.25 million.

“We were impressed with Greg throughout,” Hoselton states. “He didn’t wait for things to happen. He went out and put in the time necessary. He kept us informed. When surprises came up, he simply made adjustments and let us know what was going on. Greg demonstrated compassion and competence in dealing with us and in every aspect of preparing the case.”

Hoselton and Salsbury say they were impressed with the way Zeuthen tracked all of their medical and rehabilitation expenses and made sure that everyone who helped them would be paid. They say they would be confident to recommend him to any friends who need an attorney in the future.