“I would recommend Greg in a heartbeat. He was fantastic start to finish - very open, honest, great communication. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else.”
Chad Sewell

Chad Sewell

Chad Sewell was on the job as a pest control technician in a residential area of Gresham when he collided with another driver at an intersection. The westbound driver ran a stop sign. Sewell, heading north, swerved to his left but it was too late. His pickup truck rammed the driver’s door of the at-fault driver’s car.

Injured in a car accident

Sewell was gripping his steering wheel with his right hand at the moment of impact. The force of the collision traveled up his arm and into his shoulder. In the following weeks, Sewell learned he had a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Trustworthy and honest legal counsel sought.

Sewell found Greg Zeuthen through a referral from another attorney. “Greg was the first person I went to,” recounted Sewell. “He seemed very trustworthy and honest and wanted to take on the case. I went with Greg and it worked out amazingly.”

One of the things Sewell enjoyed about working with Zeuthen was the good lawyer-client communication.

“Communication was always fantastic with Greg and his team,” Sewell said. “Anytime I had a question or needed to talk to him, he was quick to respond. If I wasn’t able to get hold of him right away, it was always the same day either he or his assistant Rachel would contact me and talk to me. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Settlement negotiated.

Following shoulder surgery, Sewell became frustrated with his pain and the long healing process. But he says Zeuthen was always patient and would offer words of encouragement. In the end, Zeuthen was able to negotiate a settlement with those representing the defendant driver. Sewell was able to pay off his family’s mounting credit card debt and make a down payment on a house.

If one of his friends or family members ever needs a personal injury attorney, he would refer them to Zeuthen. “I would recommend Greg in a heartbeat,” he states. “He was fantastic start to finish, very open, honest, great communication. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else.”