Aviation Accident

Greg Zeuthen is not only an experienced Portland aviation attorney, he has been a licensed pilot himself since 2005.

Investigating an aviation case can be extraordinarily complicated. Airplanes and helicopters are complex machines that must be designed well, built to exact standards, and painstakingly maintained. After an aviation accident, the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) investigates the circumstances surrounding the accident, frequently with representatives of the airplane manufactures and suppliers present.

The NTSB usually concludes that the cause of the accident is a result of pilot error. Oftentimes, it takes further investigation to get to the bottom of the real cause of the accident. In many cases, the cause is attributable to the maintenance of the aircraft, or manufacturing and design errors. It is vitally important to act quickly and preserve all parts of the aircraft involved for further inspection. Greg is knowledgeable enough to know what evidence to look for in an aviation accident.

For an aviation claim, you need an experienced aviation attorney on your side from the very beginning.


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An experienced aviation attorney with firsthand aviation experience.

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Gregory Zeuthen is an experienced Portland aviation attorney who has been a licensed pilot for 13 years.  He has earned a reputation from his fellow trial lawyers and his clients for thoroughly examining the evidence and logging long hours of research to prepare for an aviation case.

He is intelligent, detail-oriented, and thorough in his investigations. He is wise enough to know that even though the pilot is often initially blamed for a plane crash, a closer look at the evidence often exposes the manufacturers and designers of the aircraft as negligent. Greg Zeuthen takes that closer look on behalf of his clients and relentlessly seeks out the justice they deserve.

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I felt Greg was someone who understood what we were going through. Even though I knew he had other cases, I always felt like we were his top priority.

Stephanie Sharp

Greg was always there. Maybe my case wasn’t the biggest case he had, but he always made me feel I was number one. I know he’s a busy guy, but Greg was always there for me whenever I needed him.

Tyler Luba

I would recommend Greg in a heartbeat. He was fantastic start to finish, very open, honest, great communication. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else.

Chad Sewell

Greg made the whole experience a lot less scary. He set my mind at ease time and time again. Without him, I would not have seen the same kinds of returns. I am grateful for the help he provided me with over the past few years.

Leah Thibault

What I appreciated most about Greg was his genuine concern. He did a great job of staying in communication with me. He was never too busy to meet with me and take my calls. That in itself meant a lot.

Pete McHugh

We were impressed with Greg throughout. He didn' t wait for things to happen. He went out and put in the time necessary. He kept us informed. When surprises came up, he simply made adjustments and let us know what was going on. Greg demonstrated compassion and competence in dealing with us and in every aspect of preparing the case.

Gary Hoselton