Use of Fog and Auxiliary Lights on Vehicles

With increasing numbers of vehicles on the road with fog or auxiliary lights, state transportation safety officials are reminding people to use vehicle lighting correctly and safely. Fog lights are designed to be used at low speeds in fog, heavy mist, snow, and other situations where visibility is significantly reduced. Front fog lights are generally … Read more

Motorcycle Lane Usage

In 2010, The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) proposed a new law for motorcycles that altered legal lane usage on the roads in Oregon. The law would allow a motorcyclist to “share” the lane with a vehicle and pass the vehicle within the lane. This maneuver is also allowed in California and is a common … Read more

Be Aware of Pedestrians

A Marion county resident was struck and killed in the early morning hours while searching for his family dog. He was wearing dark clothing and couldn’t be seen by the motorist until it was too late to avoid the collision. This collision brought the total of Oregon pedestrian deaths perilously close to the record number … Read more

Over The River and Through the Woods – Safe Travel Suggestions

During the holiday season, many Oregon families will be driving long distances over busy, wet, and slippery highways to celebrate with loved ones. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oregon State Police (OSP) during the holiday season more motorists are involved in motor vehicle collisions resulting in injury and death than … Read more